As many of you are aware Steve has now pulled back on the Filming over the last few years and is now working full time...

19/12/2014  Attended The Premiere of the Movie, 'The Newspaper' at The Mayfair Hotel, London.

7/12/2014 So much has been going on the Last 3 months, I just haven't been able to keep up! I have done around 20 projects since my last post! I also attended 2 days of Workshops this week with Casting Director Lee MountJoy at The Poor School In London. I can definitely recommend it!



24/8/2014 In Maidstone today for an Actors Workshop on Archetypes with Paul J Lane, Very interesting!

23/8/2014 Today I played the Role of an Orderly in a Mental Hospital, in A Docu-Drama! 

12/8/2014 Off to Westcliffe today, to Star as a Riot Policeman fighting off Zombies in Film 'Infected'.


9/8/2014 Today I played a Russian, Viktor Borislav on Gatwick Gangsters! I was great fun and we got to film on an old Tug Boat!

7/8/2014 Today I played a prisoner in 'Legend', the story of London Gangsters The Krays and met Tom Hardy, Emily Browning and David Thewlis! Emily was also in Lemony Snickett and Suckerpunch.

24/7/2014 Done some filming on my First Bollywood Film 'Phantom'!

7-8/72014 Up in Scotland! Filming 'CUT' in Glasgow! Met some lovely People and some old friends on Set!

26/6/1014 Got few days on a US TV series 'The Royals' starring Elizabeth Hurley!

22/6/2014 Back at Battersea Power Station to finish my Part in Contagion.

21/62014  Visited the Set Of Gatwick Gangsters in Coventry today, as I play a Russian Gangster later on and got asked to stand into the Role of an Armed Cop! I had to wear a Balaclava though.. :)

20/6/2014  Today I played a SO19 Policeman filming Contagion at Battersea Power Station. We will be the last to Film there before it is Developed!

19/6/2014  Working on The TV Series 'Babylon' as an Armed Response Policeman.

18/6/2014  Back On Set Of Atlantis Today!

9/6/2104  Attended the Premiere of the Hooligan Factory Premiere at the Odean, Leicester Square! Funny Film!

6/6/2014  Its the Looters Tooters and Sawn Off Shooters Wrap Party!

Saffron Sprackling, Dave Courtney, Me, Bruce Jones and Trevor Coomber.


Very Excited to be on a TV series Starring Mackenzie Crook, Called 'The Detectorists'. I play the Barman At the White Horse Pub!


Spent the Day Filming a Scene in 'Grimsby' With Sacha Baron Cohen. First I was dressed as a Football Supporter in 1983:

and then an England Supporter!

Starred as a ' Mafia Don' in a Scene in 'London Hood' today, Directed By Sean Cronin. Awesome day and met some great people!

Today I was one of Cromwell's Guards in 'England and The Road To Modernity' a Documentary for the History Channel! How those Roundheads put up with the uncomfortable Helmets & Breast Plates, I will never know! 

Back in wales today!

Amazing 3 days including Shoot, Rehearsal and A 'Movement Workshop' with Toby Sedgewick For a BBC Series 'Atlantis' Soon! 3 More days to do next month too!


Today I Star as a Policeman in A World Cup Video Viral Ad!


The Front Cover of the Looters, Tooters And Sawn Off Shooters DVD has been released and is Available for Pre-Order on Amazon!!


Went to Dave Courtney's BBQ then onto Hammersmith Apollo to See Adam Ant and After Show Party with Saffron and Friends! Later went to Catalina Guirado's Birthday Party at the Sanctum Soho! What a night!



Today I am Starring in Kasabian's Music Video #Eez Eh!


On Location right in the middle of Piccadilly Circus today filming 'The Newpaper'!!


The NEW and OFFICIAL Trailer for at Looters, Tooters and Sawn Off Shooters was released today!


Very Excited to have a Role in, 'Reign Of The General', shooting today. I play a Polish Gang Member.


Today I'm on a Film Shoot in Brighton! Its a local film called 'PUPA', which I will tell you all about in the coming weeks!


This weekend is the final shoot for My scenes in Looters, Tooters and Sawn Off Shooters! Its been Roller Coaster Ride the last year - I've made lots of fantastic friends and gained lots of experience! Most of all I'm looking forward to growing my hair, as I've been stuck as Charlie Thompson for the last 8 months!


Photo from The Yesbruv Cinema Club Event.

Max Morrison, Shone Romulus, Steve Brunton. Leigh Holland and Paul 'Baron' Cartwright.

Steve Will Be Hosting the Yes Bruv Cinema Club at The Orchid Room, YumYum Thai Restaurant, 187 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 0LH

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