Detective Richard Temple, Feature Film, 'Jack Southeast'.

Detective Lang, Feature Film, 'Yellow Jacket'.

Police Officer, TV, 'Guerilla'.

Hospital Orderley, TV Documentry, 'Against The Law'.


Lennie Dunne, Feature Film, 'Fall Of The Krays'.

Football Supporter, in The Feature Film, 'The Brothers Grimsby'

Prisoner, Feature Film, 'Legend'.

Mercedes Driver, Feature Film, 'Criminal'.

Donovan's Henchman, Feature Film,'Rise Of The Krays'.

Barry, TV Pilot,' The Magic Pills Of Petts Wood'.

Car Park Zombie, Feature Film, 'Ibiza Undead'.


Eddie Fraser, Feature Film, 'Age Of Kill',

Guitar Hero Live, Video game. 'Crowd Security'.

Nancy's Attorney, Documentary, 'The Wives Did it'

Himself, TV Series, 'Storage Hunters uk'.

Prisoner, Feature Film, 'Bonded By Blood 2'.

Jack Church, Short Film,'The Victim'.

Prisoner, TV Series, 'Eastenders'.

Police Officer, Music Video, 'What We Love', David Guetta,

Mourner, Feature Film, 'AWOL - Absent Without Love'.


(Production) Writer/Director, Short Film, 'No Honour Among Thieves'.

Patsy, Channel 4 TV Series, 'The Pub'.

(Lead Role) 'Charlie Thompson' in the Feature Film, 'Looters, Tooters and Sawn-Off Shooters'.  

Razor in The TV Pilot, 'Allegiance Of Brothers'.

Dean Hunter, Comedy Series, 'Cheese On Toast'.

Football Fan, Commercial, 'Bad Betty'.

American Cop, Docu-Drama, 'Suspicion:Shadow Of Doubt'.

Policeman, The Feature Film,'1603'.

Stall Holder, The Commercial, 'DFS Fairground', 

Pub Customer, Feature Film, 'Londongrad',

Photographic Gallery Shoot, Tim Ellis.

Injured Docker, TV Series,' Holby City'.

Policeman, TV Series, BBC Doctors.

Policeman, Docu-Drama, 'First Kill, Last kill: The Suffolk Strangler'.

Sergeant Fitch, Feature Film, 'The Men Of Waterloo'.

Zombie, Commercial, 'Isuzu Zombie Viral',

Party Guest, Feature Film,'Govindudu Andari Vaadele'.

British Soldier, Feature Film, 'TEN'. 

(Crew) Cameraman, Feature Film,'TEN'.

Builder, TV Commercial, 'They Walk Among Us'. On Child Labour/Slavery.

Hospital Orderly, Docu-Drama, 'Obsessions: Dark Desires', Series 2, Ep 6

Riot Policeman, Feature Film, 'Infected'.

(crew) Go Pro Camera, Feature Film, 'Infected',

Cricket Spectator, BollyWood Film, 'Phantom'.

Bar Customer, TV Series, 'CUT'.

Paparazzi, Music Video, 'Miss Online Superstar', Nick Brewer.

TV Cameraman, US TV Series, 'The Royals'.

Viktor Borislav, Feature Film, 'Gatwick Gangsters'.

SO19 Policeman, Film, 'Cognition'.

Armed Response Policeman, TV series, 'Babylon'.

White Horse Barman, TV Series, 'The Detectorists'. Ep 3

Mafia Don, in the Film, 'London Hood'.

Cromwell's Guard, Documentary, 'England and The Road To Modernity'.

The Policeman, Visa World Cup Video Viral, 'Pride'.

Undead Soldier, TV Series 'Atlantis'.

Crew Member, Music Video, 'Eez Eh, Kasabian

Distribution Manager, Feature Film, 'The Newspaper'.

Polish Gang Member, Feature Film, 'Rise of The Foot Soldier (Part 2)'

Frank, Short Film, 'PUPA'

Rowdy Test Subject 2, Feature Film 'The Vicious Dead'.

Night Club Owner 'Allen Clements',Feature Film, 'B33F'.

Man at The Bar, Feature Film, 'Nothing Like This', Canary Wharf Films.

(Production) Content Contributor, Comedy Series, 'Cheese On Toast.


2013 'Eric' Short Film, 'Last Night'

2013 'Craig's Father' Short Film, 'Cherry Cheesecake'